Event with “Fundación Enseñame a Vivir” (Panama)

Last WCC 2014, the event with Fundación Enseñame a Vivir that helps kids with autism in Panama City, was a total success. Despite the rain that made not possible to play spend a little more time with the kids, the most important message was delivered: to share our affection and support. Thanks for all the presents every team brought from their countries of origin and the time spent playing football with the kids.

All the teams made a fantastic effort and donated loads of presents, football hats, toys, games, sweets and more. So a big thank you to Natca USA, Russia, Chile, Ecuador, Europe, Ireland, International, Mexico, Hungary, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia and USA, as we together managed to raise 4.390$ donation for the kids and Fundación Enseñame a Vivir.

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