ATCs Got Talent contest

Thanks to all countries.

The first edition of ATC Got Talent was a real success! Russia with a heavy metal solo demonstration was something people will take time to forget. And what about Ireland and their voted sexiest men performance? A romantic song that melted quite a number of hearts among the public, as well as the Europeans winning ladies simply with roses, wow!

Ecuador’s singer was quite a voice. Chile with a traditional chilean dance was something special to mention, the Hungarian chorus singers with the guitar, Mexico with their cool and fun dancing, Colombia with music and moves showed the rest of the world how the south americans behave when music is on!

Panamenians as WCC-2014 hosts filled the room more local sounds and presents for everyone. Trinidad & Tobago and their exotic calypso moves & the US americans on stage made the night just unforgettable with their performances.

And showed the world that YES ATC’s Do Got Talent outside their control towers! BIG THANKS TO ALL..


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