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  1. 11-a-side-tournament in Riviera Maya – Mexico
  2. Teams must consist of ATC personnel (including ATC Assistants or ATS students of either category) and/or Pilots. All players must be able to produce valid ATC or ANS identification or valid Pilot license.
  3. Each team is allowed to field not more than two persons who are not ATC or Pilot personnel as defined above, employed in the Air Navigation Service.
  4. At the discretion of the Board of Directors and the Organising Committee, airlines may be invited to participate in the WCC. Airline staff, however, should consist mainly of pilots or student pilots.
  5. Teams will consist of 11 players plus 5 “roll/on roll/off substitutes”. There is no limit of a number of players within a team, but a maximum of 16 players are allowed in one game.
  6. Any eligible team wishing to participate must be able to nominate a minimum of 11 players + 3 substitutes
  7. The WCC program is a 6-nights / 7-days event
  8. The tournament lasts 4 days with one free day to rest mid-tournament, for excursions, recharge batteries taking into consideration that most teams travel long distances, and 11-a-side soccer is intense.
  9. The game format is Round-Robin; with a preliminary league system followed by a knock-out phase.
  10. Matches shall be 20 minutes per half with a 5-min half-time interval break, except for the Main and Plate finals, which shall be 2 equal periods of 30 minutes.
  11. All players must wear identical shirts with number also same coloured shorts. Please bring 3 different sets.
  12. Points awarded:
    • 3 points = win
    • 1 point = draw
    • 0 point = lose
  13. If team members fail to turn up within 15 min of the arranged started time, the match will be considered as forfeited.
  14. A minimum of 10 players is required otherwise the match will be forfeited. The result shall be declared in favor of the team present by 3-0.
  15. The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept any team/individual who does not abide by the tournament rules and established registration deadlines.


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The above rules serve as a briefing of the World Controllers’ Cup Manual.