Each team assigns a CAPTAIN/RESPONSIBLE person to:

  • Organise, coordinate and collect the data of the team
  • Ensure that all payments and deadlines are met
  • Be the only contact person with the Organising Committee (OC)

Download the TRAVEL FORM B below as a template to collect and keep organised your team information.

Send FORM B to the OC once all team info is collected 

  • Team Information

  • Name of the Captain
  • First :Second: 
  • Company

  • Payment

  • Please remember to set the Team Fee (100€) + 1st payment of.
    300€ (per person)......... Before 30 June 2018

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Registration Deadlines
Before 30 June 2018

+ Send Registration FORM A
+ Team Fee (100€)
+ 1st Payment (300€ p/person)

Before 15 September 2018

+ Travel FORM B
+ 2nd Payment (395€ p/person)